Hook & Line is a network of guerilla artists trained in every-which-way to passionately execute one thing, and one thing only: beautiful music. Sure, we've worked with famous people. And yes, we've won awards: those things that hang on walls and sit on desks. But none of that really matters. You know what does.

Bryan Senti - Owner & Creative Director

Bryan is a Los Angeles-based film composer currently scoring studio films, most recently Lowriders (Universal) which is scheduled for wide release in 2017. He has collaborated with Mark Ronson, Boy George, Andrew Wyatt, Alison Mosshart, Sean Lennon, Jonathan Pierce, and among others on projects ranging from ballets and films to albums and operas.

Abby Diamond - Partner & Songwriter

Abby is a New York-based songwriter and producer who is currently writing songs for various pop label acts. Her single with Xenia Ghali (#1 Billboard Dance DJ) will be coming out this November.

Office Number: +1 201 390 9564

Address: 2205 Selig Dr. Los Angeles, California 90026

For a complete or customized reel, please inquire: letusdream@hook-and-line.com